Weston Dillon Gentry (born in Decatur, Texas) is a Texas country music artist. Weston is real honest to goodness country from the top of his hat to the bottom of his snakeskin boots. His desire is to keep country music real and somebody’s gotta do it! Music has always been in his soul-at a young age he remembers listening to his father’s band practice into the morning hours and he knew one day he would make music as well.

Teaching himself to play guitar in 2008, Weston moved on to songwriting-writing over 60 songs in 2010. Naturally the next step was performance, new to the Texas music scene, Weston is leaving his mark on Fort Worth and the surrounding cities. COME SUPPORT HIM AT A LIVE SHOW and you will hear a genuine sound that is raw and real. Besides, if a musician cannot entertain with just an old guitar and a mic he is not worth his salt!

Weston has released God made me from Red Dirt EP in 2011 which features 4 originally penned songs and a tribute song “Backslider Blues” (Jason Boland and the Stragglers). Weston is currently working on an album full of ‘originals’. He hopes this will bring a fresh sound to Texas country

Weston dreams of bringing quality Texas country music to the masses. This “pop” music garbage that mainstream country is shoving down everyone’s throat has had its heyday. It’s time to take country music back to its roots. But in the meantime you can find Weston performing locally around the Fort Worth area.

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